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Latest Press publications about Louis Babin

Special Jury Mention for “Duel”

It is with great pride I present to you this press release :

Composer Louis Babin receives Special Jury Mention
at 2010 IBLA Grand Prize international competition

Montreal –August 10, 2010 – Composer Louis Babin has earned a Special Mention for his piano composition Duel, as well as the second highest score awarded to composers at the 19th international IBLA Grand Prize competition. Organized by the New York IBLA Foundation, this annual competition recognizes excellence in the work of composers and performers around the world.

In its Special Mention the IBLA jury cited the originality of Duel, a work composed for piano by Louis Babin and debuted by young pianist Philippe Prud’Homme in December 2009. A recording of this work by Mr. Prud’Homme is anticipated for the spring of 2011. In describing his composition, Louis Babin said, “Duel speaks to Man’s interdependence with his fellow Man. It is our shared social environment that is celebrated here. No one can ignore the fact of the Other. We all need the Other in order to truly live and move beyond ourselves. In that sense, Duel is an ode to love.”

IBLA jury members selected from among 31 works submitted by composers representing North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Louis Babin was the sole Canadian composer in the running.

Performers interested in performing Duel, or any other Louis Babin composition, are invited to contact the Quebec branch of the Canadian Music Centre.

CD Critic of Bassoonist

Wow! A critic already for the album Bassoonist just came out and it feels like a message from the past. As I said on my previous article, the recording of the premiere of Mellow Tones for Johnny was done in 1993. The concert was held in New York at the chapel of Columbia University. It’s funny to get comments about an event 17 years after it was given!!!

You can buy the album by visiting the AFMM website.

Here is what Chris Cutler from ReR Megacorp in England has to say :

«A very small, essentially handmade, edition of 300 copies of pieces researched and performed for the microtonal society at various venues in New York This is a collection of mostly microtonal compositions exploring extended bassoon techniques, the solo works often on the same turf as free improvisation, though not always. Louis Babin’s Mellow Tones for Johnny – for small ensemble – stands out, as does Talibanned Buddhas, for contrabassoon, cello gong, bowls and bells. A valuable window on a world seldom encountered.»

Chris Cutler
Surrey, England

Article in Fanfare about trumpeter Frédéric Demers

My friend the trumpeter Frédéric Demers is in the spotlight in this article in the music magazine Fanfare. The article is signed by James Reel and gives a critic about the album “Caranaval et Concertos” produced last year and contains an interview with Frédéric. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Frédéric on this production by writing some arrangements. I even composed the jazz section within the “Carnaval de Montéal” based upon the “Carnaval of Venice”. He is a wonderful man an a great artist to discover.