Eric Radford, Meegan Duhamel and Louis Babin on TSN / CTV


Here is the smal interview produced by Tracy Britnell as a TSN / CTV production.

Eric Radford is explaining the origin of his music Tribute written for the short program aiming for the Sotchi Olympic Games with his partner Meegan Duhamel. We see some of the work done in the studio La Majeure in Montreal in the summer of 2013. Also some footage with Julie Marcotte their choregrapher.

I had the privilege to produce, orchestrate and conduct the recording session.

The Orchestre symphonique de Longueuil provided the musicians.

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  1. This is soooooooo beautiful and i was very moved by your success Eric and also by the lovely work of M. Louis Babin.

    Chapeau to all of you who made the dream Of Eric ALIVE.

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