Composer in Residence

Louis Babin has had the pleasure of acting as composer in residence on several occasions. He understands how the ties created between a musical organization and an accomplished professional composer add a special energy to a program. In welcoming a composer, an organization actively supports the creation of musical works – and sees a variety of artistic rewards in return. Funding support is available from a variety of sources, including the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council, and diverse educational and private foundations.

Considering a composer in residence? Louis Babin’s approach is built on personalizing the experience. The goal is participation in the creative process by everyone on your staff and all your musicians. Contact Louis. Together, you will develop a concept that addresses your organization’s musical levels and accommodates your program needs.

A focus on important themes and landmark moments

Over the years, Louis Babin has collaborated with professional orchestras, municipal organizations, and amateur ensembles seeking to provide an experience of musical creation to budding musicians of all ages. In each instance the organization wanted to mark an important moment in its musical evolution, or give its orchestra members the opportunity to contribute to the creation of original works and discover the composer’s art.

Notable examples of Louis’ success in helping these goals (and dreams!) become reality are his works created for:

  • the Festival Eurochestries de Charente-Maritime in France in homage to the writer Antoine Saint-Exupéry
  • the Carillon at Place Claude-Léveillée in Laval, a public square where the busy rhythm of a community’s life has been coloured by the creation of original works marking special occasions
  • the 35th anniversary of the founding of FACE School, a Montreal educational institution dedicated to the arts
  • the Pointe-de-l’Ile School Board communal project for school orchestras, highlighted by the creation of a work inspired by motifs composed by young musicians participating in the program

Strengthen ties between the orchestra and its community… Or reach out to a new, younger audience

Having Louis Babin as a composer in residence also provides an excellent opportunity to bring an organization closer to its public. Whether it be to harvest ideas from younger members of the community for the creation of a work, or to open the doors with the offer of workshops in musical creation, the composer in residence fills an active role in the life of the organization. He is like an ambassador, creating a unique and special link to the public – especially its youth.

Within the workshops given in the schools or institutions associated with the organization, young musicians can be initiated into the creative process under the guidance of a professional composer. They in turn will perform the works created there themselves. Thus these young musicians take an active part in musical creation, an experience which contributes to their commitment to concert music over the longer term of a lifetime, and perhaps a career.