Testimonials – Commisionned Music

“Bravo!…Thank you to Louis Babin for his compositions “L’Homme exposé” (brass quintet version) and “L’Homme exposé encore une fois” (two trumpets and organ version) – created for the 9th annual Fall Festival Orgue et couleurs.”

Louis Babin has captured the spirit of autumn in a short musical work. “L’Homme exposé encore une fois” was played to open each concert in the main series of our 2007 fall festival. Composed for organ and two trumpets, “L’Homme exposé” was also played to mark the 40th anniversary of Montreal’s Expo 67 World Fair. From joyous opening to majestic finale, in three minutes we were carried along by a parade of evocative images through measures of increasingly complex rhythm and into the sweet melancholy of a waltz… “L’Homme exposé”  three minutes of pure happiness. This is a work and a composer you should hear!

Régis Rousseau
General and Artistic Director
Concerts populaires de la ville de Montréal
Fall Festival Orgue et couleurs

“It has been wonderful to have Louis Babin play in our concerts over the years. The most memorable performances were Ulysses Departs From the Edge of the World by Harry Partch, Graph’s and Time by Edbar Varèse, and Way of the Hopi by Paul Gallagher. Babin’s talents as a composer are also impressive. We were delighted to premier a work created for us, “Mellow Tones for Johnny””.

Johnny Reinhard
Artistic Director
American Festival of Microtonal Music, New York

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