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Tracks (audio previews)
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Tracks (previews)

Saint-Exupéry : de cœur, de sable et d’étoiles

  1. Vol de vie
  2. Les adieux au Petit Prince
  3. La marche des Hommes

Vol de vie

Les adieux au Petit Prince

La marche des Hommes

string orchestra


La Suite du promeneur
string orchestra

  1. Le curieux
  2. L’extase
  3. La tentation
  4. Aux portes de l’enfer
  5. La morale de cette…

Le curieux


La tentation

Aux portes de l’enfer

La morale de cette…




Three works. Three visions. One composer.

Life’s heartbeat is everywhere throughout this album. The symphonic poem Saint-Exupéry: de coeur, de sable et d’étoiles is a homage to the creator of Le Petit Prince. Couleurs depicts the longing of adolescence. La Suite du promeneur, shares a philosophic vision of mankind’s passage here on earth …Louis Babin spins out a multi-layered musical Ariadne’s Thread for you to follow – or to lose
yourself within…



Technical Informations

Composer: Louis Babin
Orchestra:  Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Petr Vronský
Lenght of the CD: 33 minutes
Number of Tracks: 9
Packaging: Cardboard and plastic
Digital Booklet: PDF (online)
Product Number: ODL-LB-002

Recording: tracks 1 to 3, Reduta Hall in Olomouc, Czech Republic on January 7th 2015
Producer: Bob Lord
Engineer: Ales Dvorak

Recording: tracks 4 to 9, Reduta Hall in Olomouc, Czech Republic on July 9th and December 17th 2011
Producer: Richard Mlynar
Engineer: Zdenek Slavotinek
Editing: Shaun Michaud

Album Mixing: Sylvain Lefebvre, Studio Lamajeure, Montreal
Mixing Assistant: Maxime Vermette, Studio Lamajeure, Montreal

Cover Photos: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,
Argentine, 1930Courtesy of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Estate. Louis Babin : Monique Dykstra
Traduction : John Brooke
Executive Producer: Louis Babin
Producer: Bob Lord (Parma Recordings)

The Parma Recordings Team

Audio Director: Jeff LeRoy
Mastering: Shaun Michaud
Art & Production Director: Brett Picknell
Graphic Designer: Ryan Harrison
A&R: Matt Konrad
Marketing Manager: Ethan Fortin




Donation to the FASEJ

Logo-fondation Antoine de Saint-Exupery

By purchasing this album, you are supporting the initiatives of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Foundation in favour of the education of disadvantaged youth.





I am grateful to all those who supported the production of this album.

Sylvie Castonguay, François d’Agay, nephew and godchild of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and President of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Foundation, Claude Révolte, Delphis A. Babin, Francine Ladouceur, Fanny Castonguay-Babin, Maude d’Ambroise-Courcelles, Jonathan Ortega, Sylvie Bélanger, Roger Guérin, Johanne Mercier, Frédéric Metthé, François Forget, Bill Nerenberg, Normand Doucet, Louise Greffard, Ron Vaillancourt, Michel Dupire and my friend and mentor Michel Longtin.




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Supplement Informations and Keys of the Work (in French)




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Présentation and motives : Saint-Exupéry (in French)
( PDF 900kB)


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