Louis Babin’s work has been acclaimed in Canada and abroad. His 2015 album features his symphonic piece Saint Exupery : of Heart, of Sand and of Soul, an hommage to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the publication of which was supported by the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation. The album received outstanding reviews: “particularly elegant and full of tenderness” (Sonograma), “hauntingly beautiful” (Music & Vision), “…some fine music by a composer we should be hearing more from” (The WholeNote), and “creativity and colours that charm the listener immediately” (La Scena Musicale).

Many music ensembles and performers have commissioned or performed Louis Babin’s works, including the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Montreal Chamber Orchestra, McGill Chamber Orchestra, Laval Symphony Orchestra, Eurochestries Festivals (China and Europe), Orchestre symphonique des jeunes de Strasbourg, the Molinari Quartet, the American Festival of Microtonal Music and the South Bay Philharmonic in the U.S.A., and the French violinist Marie Cantagrill (France), to name a few.

Louis Babin is known for his modern, playful, accessible, and cinematographic works. He received a special mention from the World Music Competition IBLA Grand Prize (Italy) and was a finalist in the Canadian Music Centre Composer Competition – Quebecor.

His musical and teaching skills, combined to his showmanship are what makes him a sought-after musical director. In addition to his directing work in recording studios, Louis Babin has conducted many musical ensembles in Canada, China, and France. He currently conducts two choirs: Ô Choeur du Nord and Les Chanteurs de la Place Bourget.