Je me souviens


Je me souviens

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Jean Derome
Je me souviens — Hommage à Georges Perec; Tu r’luttes

Does Georges Perec ring a bell? Born in Paris in 1936, died too young in 1982, he was a novelist, film-maker, playwright, essayist, and a member of Oulipo. Now, do you think you know Jean Derome? A composer and improvisational wizard, a magnanimous individual, saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist, he is also a member of countless music ensembles. Spare time? Jean devotes a good part of it to literature. Now the twain shall meet.

Derome’s work for this album is inspired by the numerous musical references in Perec’s book «Je me souviens» (I remember). A radio tribute for 13 musicians, the 26 pieces contained herein form a potent retrospective of French popular music of the 50’s and 60’s. From Ray Ventura to Henri Salvador; congas, vibraphone, tapdance and yéyé… Unbelievable.

As a bonus, we have included “Tu r’luttes,” 17 games for 12 improvisers, played by the Ensembles Flammèches (Québec) and White Wine Dark Grapes (Belgium). An amazing sound zapping!