Les clarinettes ont-elles un escalier de secours?

Release Date 07/04/2016

Les clarinettes ont-elles un escalier de secours?

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“Does the clarinet have an escape ladder? For twenty years I’ve been asking myself this question. In the beginning, when all of the guys my age were playing guitar, I chose clarinet. First I learned in the school band, then I formed my own band… a rock band, where I played bass… on clarinet.

With such a start, I never did what I was really supposed to on this instrument. First I started by imitating Jimi Hendrix’s solos and Joe Cocker’s voice. Later on, I was copying solos of the analog synthesizers instead of practicing the Klosé etudes and the Mozart concerto.

I seem to be fated to remain a marginal clarinettist but I feel a lot better about it. I’ve even started to practice the septemdecuplet in Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue intro… Mom would be proud!” —Robert Marcel Lepage.

Versatile musician, who worked on sound tracks for film and TV, Robert Marcel Lepage, along with over twenty other musicians, take us on world trip aboard his clarinet.