Suite du promeneur

« Despite its French roots, this music seems to have a Scandinavian feel to it, the sprightly rhythms and angular lines akin to those of Dag Wirén or Carl Nielsen. The warm and resonant sound from the Moravian strings further enhances a solid performance. »

Richard Haskell, The Whole Note

Suite du promeneur, for string orchestra


L’extase, second movement as a video produced by Frédéric Metthé.

Program notes

This Suite is dedicated to my parents who supported me with love, for so long.

Mankind is a wanderer pending death. But sometimes life is lost long before one’s cold body begins to feed the earth. Through lack of trust, neglect, or giving up, it is often difficult to realize that existence depends not only on unknowns but also on a thirst to know oneself, despite the imbalances this may cause. It is always difficult to question constantly, but is even more unbearable to feel like a straw in the wind. This Suite calls out to the heart and to passion for life. Do not be a mere spectator. Do not be afraid of mistakes. Go to the end with the undoubted satisfaction of not being outdone by life.

Original French text by Louis Babin
Translation David Curtis




Suite du promeneur available on CD
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
Petr Vronskỳ, conductor
Recorded in Olomouc, Czech republic in January 2015
You can get the CD on iTunes




Suite du promeneur
Five movements

Le curieux (1’26”)

L’extase (2’27”)

La tentation (2’32”)

Aux portes de l’enfer (1’12”)

La morale de cette… (1’41”)

Score for perusal

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