Mutations (+ info and audio)


Duration : 7’55”

2(picc).2(e.h.).2(b.cl.).2 – – timb.3 – harp – cordes

Commissioned by the Festival des Eurochestries Charente-Maritime (France)


Retrouvailles (+ info)

Duration : 2’00”
logo_orchestre – – timp.3 (perc.) – strings
Commissioned by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestre symphonique du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

Retrouvailles in a MIDI version


 Je suis l’Âme fauchée (I Am The Broken Soul) (+ video)

Duration : 07’70”
Picc. – – timp.3 (perc.) – hp. – strings
Commissioned by the Orchestre symphonique des Jeunes de Strasbourg (France)


Saint-Exupéry : de cœur, de sable et d’étoiles (+ info and audio)

Duration : 18’30”
Original orchestration : 2.2.3(b.clar.).2 – – timp.3(perc.) –  strings
Reducted version : 2.2(e.h.).2(clr.b.).2 – – timp.3(perc) – strings
Commissioned by the Festival des Eurochestries Charente-Maritime (France)


L’engin de mort

Duration : 10’30”
1 picc, 2 flt, 2 hbt, 2 clar, 1 clar bas, 2 bsn, 1 ctrbsn, 4 hrn, 3 tpt, 2 trbn, 1 trbn bas, 1 tba, 4 perc, 1 harp, strings

Once upon a time Technology promised to serve Mankind, hyper-evolved and enthroned at the highest place on the food chain. And in freeing us from the more distasteful tasks demanded by the Human Condition, Technology had Man’s well-being at heart. But in its quest to solve our problems, Technology’s endless tentacles began invading our way of life and influencing our thinking, imposing its way of thinking, even pushing us to transform our creativity. Many found this electronic universe dehumanizing. Instead of happiness, Technology spawned frustration. Technology was dubbed “l’engin de mort.” Technology was relentless. Man felt suffocated and struggled to escape its grip… Just when he thought he was trapped forever, the solution suddenly appeared – so simple that Man laughed out loud. All he had to do was pull the plug.

Extract in the MIDI format